Dear Recruiter, Talent Scout, Others,

Thanks for reaching out. I'm always interested in hearing about what new and exciting opportunities are out there. As a software engineer I'm sure you can imagine that I get a very high volume of recruiters reaching out via Mail, on LinkedIn, XING, etc. It is a wonderful position of privilege to be in and I'm thankful for it.

It does however mean that I don't have the time to hop on a call with everyone who reaches out. A lot of the time, incoming messages represent a very poor fit indeed.

That being said, I want to filter out early matching job opportunities from spam or unqualified messages. In order to do so, please read and verify, you can positively check the following requirements with this ones, the position you/your client is offering:

  • The position is really related to JavaScript/TypeScript and frontend development/-architecture
  • Flexible Working Hours are obviously
  • At least 38 days of annual vacation
  • 100% remote job or a position based in Berlin with flexibility to work for at least 2 days a week from home
  • An annual salary of EUR 90.000 or more
  • At least EUR 1.500 annual training budget (visiting conferences, joining Events, on-site/remote trainings)
  • low hierarchies in a healthy and balanced working atmosphere
  • No connection to the defense industry

If all or at least 90% of this requirements from myself listed above will match with the offer you have, you can contact me again. Furthermore I would ask you to send along the company name, a job description and, total compensation details for the role you're reaching out.

While I very much appreciate the fact that exceptionally talented and engaged recruiters reach out consistently, sorting serious and high quality opportunities from spam would be a full time job without an autoresponder.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards, Danny