Analog Publish GitHub Pages

When I migrated my personal website/blog (this site) to use AnalogJS in December 2023, I created a GitHub Action which simplifies the deployment at GitHub Pages.

Analog is a meta-framework on top of Angular which includes a static site generator, file based routing and other opinionated features. I decided to switch from Scully to Analog since Scullys evolvement seems currently to stuck and it was hard to update my site to newer major Angular versions (16/17). I like to have an almost evergreen environment and since I followed the development from Analog by Brandon Roberts, wanted to try it out. Since then, I really love to use AnalogJS: it's modern, opinionated and comes with all the features I need for my site and blog.

The action encapsulates the issues I ran into when I deployed my site the first time (e. g. resources that couldn't be found because of a missing .nojekyll file which caused a side effect that files starting with an underscore (_) are being ignored). I made this action quite simple, so it will install the dependencies, build the static site and deploy it by copying over the static site artifacts into the gh-pages branch.